Supported employment chiefessays is based on the principle that individuals with disabilities have the right to be employed by community businesses where they can earn compatible wages, work side-by-side with co-workers with or without disabilities, and experience all of the same benefits as other employees of the company.” Supported employment assists people with severe disabilities by providing individualized supports that enable them to choose the kind of job they want and to  become successful members of the workforce.

Supported Employment offers supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are interested in achieving their employment goals. It provides supports to individuals who are interested in acquiring the skills which will equip them to successfully showcase their abilities and competencies to employers. Qualified job coaches assist with ensuring a smooth transition to paid competitive jobs in the community. Individuals with custom paper writers developmental disabilities will typically transition to SEMP after they have received intensive supported employment services and adequate training. Our well trained staff will assist individuals in the following areas:

Career Counseling

Job referrals

Job development

Job coaching and on-going support

Transition services

Interpersonal skills

Resume preparation

Development of interview skills

Linkage to additional supports and resources