MOTTO: Families come first.

​QSBC currently provides services to families in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.  This is the first and most essential service that family needs.  Help is provided free of charge in the following areas.

Medicaid Eligibility

This is done for those families without medicaid.  We assist with the application process and arrange for the medicaid office visits.


We will arrange and facilitate all evaluations that are required for your son/daughter to quality for the services they need.  In special circumstances we arrange for these evaluations to be done at home on a yearly basis.

Linkage and Referrals

Our skilled Service Coordinators assist you in identifying the services that best suit the needs of you and your family.  They make the contacts, request information, make appointments, attend interviews, arrange transportation and followup with other agencies until the services required are rendered.


Our Service Coordinators are ready to respond to your home once every four months to discuss any needs that are of interest to you.  If the need arises MSC will visit your child more often or as needed.