When an individual or staff member develops any symptoms of illness consistent with COVID-19 in the day habilitation or RESPITE setting:

  • Isolate the person in a separate room while they wait to be picked up or until they are able to leave the facility on their own. Ensure that they have hygiene supplies available, including a cloth face covering / face shield, facial tissues, and alcohol-based hand rub
  • Remind staff who are monitoring the individual or staff member with symptoms to wear a cloth face mask and practice social distancing. Close off the space used for isolation until the ill person leaves. Wait 24 hours before you clean or disinfect. If 24 hours is not feasable, wait as long as possible. Open outside doors and windows and use ventilation fans to increase air circulation in the area.
  • Open the space for use after proper cleaning and disinfecting
  • Clean and disinfect all areas used by the person who is sick, such as high touch services, and items they have touched, (eg individual desk, cut, recently used toys, shared equipment)
  • wear gloves with cleaning, and wash hands after removing gloves