Our weekend respite program offers an opportunity for individuals  with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ages 6-21 to spend their weekend hours in a safe and supportive environment. They also get the chance to take part in a variety of learning activities and creative projects which includes: homework help, reading, math skills, exercise, outdoor games, board games, music, arts and crafts, community outings and field trips. The hours for our Respite program are 9 am to 5 pm. QSBC meets the needs of individuals and their families to enjoy an enriching life by providing respite support and  by helping to create stability for families. There is a strong emphasis to help the individuals build their character and thinking abilities.  Their participation in enriching experiences will help them develop self-skills and independence skills that can be utilized in their present and future lives


  • To build social, communication, and daily living skills.
  • Provide alternative leisure and recreational activities.
  • Guide individuals in making appropriate informed life choices.
  • Develop self-awareness.
  • Improve self-help, self-determination, and safety skills.
  • Address the individual’s short and long term life goals.


All individuals are provided transportation to and from meeting location.  Individuals are picked up between 9 am and 10 am in the morning and are dropped off between 5 and 6 pm.