QSBC currently provides Community Habilitation Services to families in Brooklyn , Queens, Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. These services are provided in the home and community and is geared towards increasing your child’s independent living skills. Our effective services will help your child adapt more to the home environment and in special cases it will help your child to prepare for residential living.

Individuals are matched with a compatible worker and they work on a one-to-one basis. This service is provided in the community where the person lives in order for them to develop relationships in their own neighborhood. We strongly encourage the people we support to join local groups, participate in local events and use neighborhood vendors in an effort to create relationships and supports in their own community. They do this with the benefit of a staff member for guidance.

Our program largely focuses on skills building in the home. We work to improve household and personal care skills at every level. We strive for everyone to become as independent as possible in the management of their own home life. We encourage individuals to take responsibility for themselves, their space and their belongings.

Our polite and trained professional workers will assist your child in the following areas.

Activities of Daily Living

Personal Hygiene
Grooming skills
Travel Training
Household Chores
Meal preparation
Community Awareness
Money Management


Social Interaction
Self Direction

Community Inclusion

Exploring the neighborhood
Using community resources
Interacting with members of the community


story Telling
Games and Art

Community Habilitation Flyer